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As anyone who has ever spilt tomato sauce on a sofa will know, upholstery is very, very hard to clean. Many foodstuffs, such as wine, gravy, chocolate and anything tomato-based will leave dark, noticeable stains. Then there are other stains, such as felt tip, oil and biro which will leave an indelible record of themselves in the most prominent areas.

The reason that upholstery is so difficult to clean can spring from various different sources. Firstly, the fabrics used tend to be fairly loose weave, which allows for a certain degree of flexibility and softness. This is lovely for relaxing on after a hard day, but causes major headaches when it comes to removing grime and stains. Not only do these fabrics absorb a great deal of the liquids and dirt, but they also make it extremely difficult to reach the lower levels of fabric and the stain remains at the core after the excess has been removed.

Secondly, many upholstery fabrics react badly with water, leaving water marks, loose areas or causing localised shrinkage when spot removal is attempted. Patterns may become distorted when colours run or areas can fade due to dye transfer. Velvet-effect fabrics lose their lustre and can become flat and crushed when water-based products are applied.

Other materials, which can be machine washed, can make the situation easier, but they often require such a low temperature that the stain remains, or the entire cover shrinks slightly making it very difficult to replace them onto the cushions. The covers are also big and bulky, filling a domestic machine very quickly and therefore an entire 3-piece-suite can take a very long time to launder.

Many new sofas now come with stain protection, but these will eventually wash out, leaving your upholstery vulnerable once more.
Professional upholstery cleaning is the best solution to both removing stains and general spring cleaning of chairs, sofas and dining furniture.


Our Upholstery Cleaning Service Includes:

  1. Pre Clean Inspection
  2. High Filtration Vacuum
  3. General All-over Clean to Remove Light Stains and General Dirt
  4. Post Clean Inspection
  5. Intensive Manual Removal of any Remaining Stains
  6. Final Inspection
  7. Buffing of Leather or Application of Stain Guard Protection


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